A look to the Fall 2015 Season

Dear Audience,

Eleven years and twenty-two seasons have flown by and the documentary world has radically changed since we opened the Port Jefferson Documentary Series in the fall of 2005. When the PJDS started, it was hard to see new documentaries anywhere. Film festivals would show a few films at afternoon screenings in mostly empty theaters. Now, a new documentary seems to open in NYC every week. However, the vast majority of these fresh and exciting films will still not make it out to theaters in our neck of the woods. That is where the PJDS comes in–and this season will live up to our mission of bringing you the best of the new crop of docs.

We start with DEEP WEB, the story of the Silk Road and the man behind that online drug kingdom: the Dread Pirate Roberts. Our speaker, the director, will be familiar to many of you: Alex Winter, who played Bill in BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. A look on the lighter side brings us to VERY SEMI-SERIOUS, the story of the New Yorker cartoonists and a seriously funny movie. Our guest will be award-winning cartoonist, George Booth. We move on to CARTEL LAND, the “real-life BREAKING BAD”, executive produced by Academy Award-winner Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER) and then to the mystery of THE RUSSIAN WOODPECKER, the puzzle of Chernobyl, with director Chad Gracia. The idiosyncratic artist in RUSSIAN WOODPECKER gives way to the equally idiosyncratic Peggy Guggenheim in PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT, accompanied by the producers, Dan Braun and David Koh. Next, the violent world of the Khmer Rouge is revealed through the eyes of Academy Award-winner Dr. Haing S.Ngor in THE KILLING FIELDS OF DR. HAING S. NGOR. The film stars Dr. Ngor’s niece and nephew, who will be our guest speakers. Our season ends with LOVE MARRIAGE IN KABUL, a intimate, fascinating and unforgettable look at romance according to Afghani customs, followed by a Skype conversation with Australian Producer, Pat Fiske.

As always, the PJDS is the product of a lot of loving attention from volunteers who work all year round attending film screenings, calling directors and distributors (many times), creating public relations materials and completing logistical arrangements worthy of generals.

At the PDJS we’re all about new ideas and conversations. We invite you to email or speak to any of our PJDS team regarding new ideas and requests you may have to make the series even better.

See you at the movies!

Lyn Boland, Co-Director
Barbara Sverd, Co-Director
Wendy Feinberg, Film Board
Honey Katz, Film Board
Phyllis Ross, Film Board
Lorie Rothstein, Film Board
Lyn Boland, Co-Director

One of Our Past Events
17th Season of PJDS Celebrated with Wine Tasting & Film

Take a look inside our special VIP Wine Tasting event to celebrate the screening of SOMM. The sold out event was presented by Mora’s Fine Wines & Spirits, featuring wines by Esprit du Vin. Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier and Wine Director at 3-star Michelin Restaurant Eleven Madison Park assisted in the presentation and took questions from a full house after the screening.