The Patriots
Day Bombing

March 13
Theater Three

Speakers: Ricki Stern
and Annie Sundberg,


March 20
Theatre Three

Speaker: Michele
Mitchell, Director

Abacus: Small
Enough To Jail

March 27
Long Island Museum

Speakers: Julie Goldman,
Producer; Sean Lyness,
Assoc. Prod.; Jill and Vera
Sung, bankers

i am not your negro port jeff

I Am Not
Your Negro

April 3
Long Island Museum

Speakers: Prof. Zebulon
Miletsky, SUNY;
Author/Prof. Michael
Thelwell, U Mass,

Circus Kid

April 17
Theatre Three

Speaker: Lorenzo
Pisoni, Director

bang the bert berns story port jeff

Bang! The
Bert Berns

April 24
Theatre Three

Speaker: Brett Berns,
Director, son of
Bert Berns

Off the Rails

May 1
Theatre Three

Speaker: Adam Irving,



sour grapes documentary port jeff

Thursday, July 6th @ The Long Island Museum
1200 Route 25A, Stony Brook NY, 11790

*5-6pm, “Meet the Director” Wine & Cheese Reception
6-8pm, Screening of SOUR GRAPES + Q&A
4:30-6pm, Midnight Rum — Long Island & Prohibition Exhibit
Guest Speaker: Reuben Atlas, Co-Director

Set in the super-fast, super-rich world of LA and New York during the financial boom of the early 2000s, in the lead up to the 2008 financial crash, and featuring the obsessive collectors, outraged wine producers, suspect auction houses, and specialist FBI sleuths, SOUR GRAPES is an “Emperor’s New Clothes” fable for the modern age. The film traces the story of the millions of dollars made from the sale of fake vintage wine, which flooded a susceptible luxury market with counterfeits that still lie undetected in cellars across the world. Winner of Best Documentary at the Key West Film Festival.
Time: 85 minutes

*Tickets for Reception and Film are $12 and we strongly recommend that you purchase advance tickets here until July 5th. Please print out your e-mail receipt, as that is your ticket. Walk-ins will be be welcome if we can accommodate.
**Tickets for film only are $7 at the door (no credit cards, please).
Wines provided by Pindar Vineyards Port Jefferson Wine Shop | 117 Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY

Pindar Vineyards port jeff sour grapes documentary

Cheeses and accompaniments provided by:

c est cheese port jeff
Port Jefferson
brew cheese port jeff
Stony Brook
bliss restaurant bar catering port jeff
East Setauket
wild by nature port jeff
East Setauket
port jeff marathon the patriots day bombing film audience award spring 2017

We are happy to announce that our 2017 Spring Audience Award winner is the heartwarming MARATHON: THE PATRIOTS DAY BOMBING. In honor of the win, we made a donation to the A Leg Forever Foundation which helps amputees in their time of need. We would like to mention that the scores from all of the films were above the “Very Good” mark, and there was only a half point difference between the highest and lowest score, meeting our goal of choosing some of the best new films out there.


port jeff documentary i am not your negro screening
port jeff documentary i am not your negro screening
Prof. Ekwueme Michael Thelwell
port jeff documentary i am not your negro screening

We are thrilled and honored to have had the privilege of screening the film, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, on April 3, 2017 at The Long Island Museum. Our guest speakers were Dr. Zebulon Miletsky, Assistant Professor in the Stony Brook University’s Africana Studies Dept. and Professor Ekwueme Michael Thelwell, author and professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The screening of the film was organized and coordinated by co-director, Barbara Sverd.

After taking extra time to accommodate the over-capacity standing room-only crowd in the adjoining room, Dr. Miletsy took the mike to introduce Professor Thelwell. Then Professor Thelwell took some time to give us a background on his friend and colleague, James (Jimmy to him) Baldwin. His essay on James Baldwin was also given out to all. The “Q and A” after the film basically turned into a discussion between the speakers and the audience. A reoccurring comment by many was how in awe they were at the large attendance and how special it was for so many to come together as a community to celebrate James Baldwin and have a frank and thought-provoking discussion about race in America today.

port jeff documentary i am not your negro screening
The Long Island Pulse Listing for Event
port jeff documentary i am not your negro screening


“Long Island’s film festival scene has come a long way, and it’s undeniable that each plays a vital role in giving Long Island audiences a diverse offering of films. Standing out for its devotion to documentaries—which are evocative, thought provoking, and shed light on often-unrepresented segments of our population—is the Port Jefferson Documentary Series. The series has been highlighting some of the best documentaries from around the world since 2005. For more than a decade, the Port Jefferson Documentary Series’ volunteer members diligently screen a vast assortment of films each and every year in order to select the best documentaries that should be represented. Talk about commitment to the arts! Its no wonder why Long Islanders voted Port Jefferson Documentary Series the best!”

-Best of LI


Dear Audience,

“The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens.”
Jimmy Carter

There has been a lot of talk recently about justice and democracy. Documentary filmmakers often reflect the trends and interests of society while, at the same time, widening their lenses to give us the “back story” through their unique access. Appropriately, there is a strong theme of justice in the spring series films as filmmakers demand that we look at how the some of the most vulnerable are treated: women, immigrants, the mentally ill, African-Americans, and also allow us to see what happens when our democratic society is attacked from the outside. To this mix we add some circus magic and some rock-and-roll and there you have the Spring Series 2017!

We start “Boston Strong” and you will cheer, as have previous audiences, at the screening of MARATHON: THE PATRIOT DAY BOMBING, where we watch the city of Boston react with compassion first and triumph in the end over a shattering tragedy. Guest speakers will be the directors, Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg. Similar feelings of pride are evoked by the tenacious and brave fight of the women of Rwanda for legal recognition that sexual assault is a crime. THE UNCONDEMNED is an international courtroom drama about the most fundamental battle of the sexes. Guest speaker will be the director, Michelle Mitchell. ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL, a fascinating financial thriller, examines the fallout from the Great Recession, when so many financial giants were deemed “too big to fail” but the powers-that-be had to find an institution of which to make an example. Watch what happens when they choose immigrant-owned Abacus Federal Savings. Guest speakers will be the producer, Julie Goldman, associate producer Sean Lyness, and bankers Jill and Vera Sung. I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, possibly one of the most celebrated films of the year, defines the African-American experience in the time of the serial murder of civil rights leaders Malcom X, Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King. Through the words of author James Baldwin, brilliantly brought to life by director Raoul Peck from Baldwin’s unfinished 1979 novel, the film will sharpen your perspective on events then and now. Guest speakers will be Professors Zebulon Miletsky and Michael Thelwell. CIRCUS KID is a film for anyone who has ever laughed at a clown and wondered what was behind that white face. Lorenzo Pisoni brings us into the world of the Big Top, a world he was born into. Guest speaker will be the director, Lorenzo Pisoni. Following the circus, we explore the world of rock-and-roll, where music meets the Mob in BANG! THE BERT BERNS STORY, a biography of ’60s hitmaker and 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bert Berns, as revealed by his son Brett Berns. Guest speaker will the be director, Brett Berns. Finally, we go OFF THE RAILS, watching the train wreck that is the life of Darius McCollum, an infamous transit system super-fan, a NYC legend who has been stealing buses and trains since 1980. Crime or compulsion? And how do we handle it? Guest speaker by Skype will be the director, Adam Irving.

As always, the goal of the PJDS is to bring you new documentaries while they are still “new,” films you cannot see locally or download—yet, the best of the festivals right in your own backyard. The series is the product of a lot of loving attention from the volunteers who work all year round, attending film screenings, calling directors and distributors (many times), creating public relations materials and completing logistical arrangements worthy of generals.
At the PDJS we’re all about new ideas and conversations. We invite you to email or speak to any of our PJDS team regarding new ideas and requests you may have to make the series even better.

See you at the movies!

Lyn Boland, Co-Director
Barbara Sverd, Co-Director
Wendy Feinberg, Co-Director
Honey Katz, Film Board
Phyllis Ross, Film Board
Lorie Rothstein, Film Board
Lynn Rein, Film Board
Suzanne Velasquez, Volunteer
Patricia Conway, Volunteer