The Film Ladies

The Film Ladies of the Port Jefferson Documentary Series


Several of the “Film Ladies” and community members.

You may have seen them around town. They are the driving force behind the Port Jefferson Documentary Series. They are your neighbors.

We call them “The Film Ladies.”

Driven by intense curiosity, a love for the medium and a desire to bring world-class films to their community, the Film Ladies screen dozens of films in order to identify those that move them. Each “Film Lady” then contacts the film director, producer or other “people in the know” about the film or topic enticing them to present their film and lead a Q&A that engages the audience in lively conversation.

Have a suggestion for a film program? Contact the “Film Ladies.”

Lyn Boland, co-director
Barbara Sverd, co-director
Wendy Feinberg, co-director
Honey Katz, Film Board
Phyllis Ross, Film Board
Lorie Rothstein, Film Board
Lynn Rein, Film Board


The Film Ladies of the Port Jefferson Documentary Series



Suzanne Velasquez
Elaine Friedman
Denise Livrieri
Yvonne Lieffrig
Todd Pittinsky